Hello, I am Alex Smaltz

I am a small-town photographer looking to expand her reaches. I am a mother of three and living with my boyfriend. I have always loved photography, as a child I would take everyone's disposable camera and just walk around take photos of my "creations" as they would call them. Photography as always been that little "oh one day ill be a photographer" kind of things in my head.

I have been in the business since 2018, when my boyfriend surprised me with a camera right before my birthday in august, and I am still learning every day and growing my photography experience one photo at a time.

Grow with me and let me capture all of the moments you want to remember!!!! Together we can go far, and we can show the world the beauty! I strive daily to bring gorgeous photos to my clients. I want to give them quality photos and quality and genuine care.

Life is about embracing the journey, finding meaning, and embracing the beauty in both the highs and lows.

It is about discovering our true selves, nurturing relationships, and pursuing our passions. Life is about growth, learning from experiences, and embracing change with an open heart and mind.

Life is about making a positive impact, being kind to others, and leaving a meaningful legacy. It's about finding blanace, taking care of ourselves, and prioritizing our well-being. Life is about embracing love.

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